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Oasis's "Don't Believe The Truth" (May2005)


Again, again... agaaaaain!
So here we come.
Years go by, but I always end writing round here or somewhere on the web waves about "my" band.
That possessif is not merely an adjective that indicates a preference: in fact, I wouldn't lie telling you
there are other bands (from the past, and also from current times) that gain a wider artistic approval from me compared to
the one that I give to "my" band.


The sense of belongin that I am speakin of and that links me to Oasis finds its roots into something
that extrudes directly from my spirit.This matters simply more than any other consideration:it's part of me, full stop.
I said it before, and I repeat it: listening to them clicks within me because I link to them all the positive vibe I recall
from my youth:that's it.
Does it sound very aleatory or unimportant?
It doesn't. I believe there are things very important that change our life and are a reason to live it well beyond your unique
and sincere will to have a "great existence". When you find those simple, precious help that turn your life better,
may they be a clear sunny day, a favourite taste of ice cream, a kiss from your baby, whatever you name those things like,
well, the output of wellness they gift you with just justifies you to be grateful for their appearing in the world, your own world.
That's what I owe to Oasis: basically, natural joy that invades me when they come stepping back into my lil world.
It renews any single time I listen to their new songs.
I can't stop to thank them for still being around.
Uninventive? who cares. They always turn my days to kinda shining shades :).
Uninventive? Name me the real inventive rock items around.
If you come with more than 3 names in 3 decades to me, I'll be surprised actually.
Rock started to re-express itself in turnarounds since 79.Since Pink Floyd, or Sex Pistols for instance,
 started before that limit, you can figure out the rest of my conclusion on the matter.
From the end of the 70's, merely Queen and Nirvana have been something "inventive" in rock, at spots at least.
U2 are not (although they're awesome in my book) cos when they tried to be so they fell into obscene "Pop"'s lands and even REM
have got their troubles in trying to be "something else," in rock, although they've somewhat occasionally succeded in that
mantaining the bounderies in the rock area and not in the alternative section world (and you know I simply adore REM).
Radiohead, Muse and co. are not "rock", so they are not part of this debate (but how I love them is surely under everyone's

Every time a new record of Oasis gets out on shops,by the way, I someway fear that the beautiful feeling of welcomening back
I expect to feel towards them would not begin inside my heart: I say "I fear" because if that'd happen, I would be
accept that nothing of my wish to remain young inside would have survived at the gap between their byes.But not being any
step "fanatical" to blindness, and knowing I am demanding a lot especially from the artists I feel most linked to, it's clear
in me the refusal could happen at any moment.
Ehy!You know they're expert in wasting massive chances, after all.
But I never blamed them for stepped just outside to Hall of Total Fame after Morning Glory...
I never really felt let down by them.
Their excesses, faults and mistakes just sound so human to me...
They contributed to make me feel even closer to them.
Doesn't make much sense?
to you, maybe :)
I reckon artists can specify human's conditions into art effort: Oasis with their music and their lives give space to
that kind of artistic representation that help people find answers even when they are not askin out for them.
They do in no pretentious way, cos their background makes them as far as possible from cerebral analyses.
Which doesn't mean they cannot reach your soul way beyond what you'd assume.


This new record of Oasis has been a positive surprise for me from the very first listening.
It wasn't forcedly "meant to", on this you just have to take my words, but I beg you... do it :)
I was expecting a record with no choesive message, something like a patchwork of sensitivities, after the long time it took
to make it and mostly, considering all the members had a role active in it.
But I have been proved wrong.
This record is consistent, it has a direction, it's driven, compact, and still one of the most various they ever made.
Of course,  you gotta read the word "various" adapting it to a well defined concept of classic rock style.


I played the record, and "that feeling" came straight back into my soul, like some chemistry offspring from nowhere land.
That feeling of careless troubling, that feel of insane joy for nothing that would truly matters...
that feeling of "takin sides" for no apparent reason other than a flebile identification with idols that have nothing
of the role models (role models don't really have appeal in your teenage times do they?) is something precious to me.
The eye of the kid that has always to survive in you, or you would become too saddened from ongoing life's and world's diseases.


Well, Don't Believe The Truth makes me believe the truth that not only "my band" is back, but that it is in even good shape.
Really good one to be honest, and when I write down this I am assured it's not the fan who writes.
Sure, you gotta love pure and simple rock tunes to appreciate this album.
There's nothing that bends to the 80s that are so hip again these days: no electronic tricks, nothing that suggests new lands
to be explored by them, no sudden surrenders to high political messages, no fears, no master rages.
It's a rock classic record, and then you could say "again" or "just that" or "again just that", with disappointment.
It's not my opinion. Maybe exactly cos I appreciate honest music that asks to itself nothing more than being true to
original wish to be expressive in the simplest of ways. That's rock to me.
You know me: I love refined art pop of Coldplay, I can follow Sigur Ros's electrified ethereal symphonies and
appreciate Rage Against The Machine's rants like nobody else... I just feel amazingly into Nine Inch Nails's nightmares,
as intensively as I can get lifted up by Bjork's birchings...I can feel linked to Back, Mozart,Debussy,
I just can love so many kind of music...
and yes, I can find immense pleasure into such naturally un-complicated songs like those you would listen to if getting
"Don't Believe The Truth".
All makes sense.
Music is just such a fabulous magic :)
Would you step into Sweets shop and decide that you wanna try only choco candies, leaving out the options of creamy pastries,
or sugar candies, or slices of cakes, just because you wanna reduce your own world of appreciation?


I'd think it insane: and with music I behave exactly the same way: many colours to play with, more beautiful the paint of
reality you can achieve with it.
Complexity, diversity... all this enriches the world.
Oasis enrich mines, cos their simplicity just can sound naturally appreciable.
It has not always been so: in this record, it's again so.

Oasis are playing rock here, and the bits of it sounds fine to my ears.
I feel like singing, I feel like I can paint situations of my own life listening to those of their own lives.
Not much? Well, it might be such a kind present to my own self instead.
I see them true to themselves while following the tunes: most importantly, I perceive them happy again to play an sing.
"sing"... you know I measure 65% of Oasis's force in Liam's approach to singing...
The "writing section" is mattering too but knowing him, not as much : you get the happiness of Liam especially when he sings,
and on how that turns when it comes to interpretate his own songs, surely, but mostly... Noels's ones, and I am happy to say,
Gem and Andy's ones as well.
Well, our kid is topping himself several times on this record.
I know him since 92 by now... hell, he's happy to sing. He does it incredibly well.
And he's affectively tender, ductile, measured in this record, always being just "Liam who sings typical rock tunes".
None does it like him.
His voice stands out still as a miracle around.
That voice that above graced him with, still capable to make me shiver.
I can't avoid to thank some gentle "entity" for this.
I think the Liam's sign on the record is "love": darn.. this man is so scruffy tender it melts me.
Noel's stomp is instead maturity. He's finally accepted some past events, it seems to me, helped by sort of lucid,
smartly ironic disillusion. Nothing that lets you down, nothing that makes you fear: it's like Noel tells you there's
space to goin on always, and not necessarily gloomed, when you search inside yourself your most real preferences, when you
keep listening to the hope that never fades away from a reasoning brain, nor from a beating heart.
Noel's heart beats gently still.
And he sings lovely on this record.
If he just would admit to us he loves Bob Dylan and American folk music (as it's clear listening to Mucky Fingers) I'd
be satisfied in full.
Talkin about Noel, my favourite tune from him has been immediately "The importance of being idle".
It's Noel's trademarked spirit 110%, and it's so catchy melody too, innit?
Give it a try, you won't regret.
While we're talkin about songs, I have to say for me Lyla was a perfect choice for first single: it's hooky, happy,
it's nothing paranoid, nor too deep. It's a rock tune to be sung along to.
Perfect for summer times.
I truly hope that it's gonna happen that one of the next singles will be Let There be Love.
I verbalize my emotional involvement in this song with this sentence: "Now there's love between the sibling rivalry"
I never heard Liam singin that hypnotizing, so embracing and purifying : looks like he's got what he wanted from Noel.
And he repaid Noel: cos in this album Liam's finally achieved also a very good result as songwriter: yes, I know,
his voice give to the simplest of sentences all the real meaning a perceiving emotive listener can find but...
Love like a Bomb and especially Guess God Thinks I am Abel... are indeed GOOD songs!
On the first,Gem helped brilliantly, and the final cut is a song that lifts you up,
makes you wanna fall in love, and shares and enthousiastic energy while you
pour out and research inside yourself all good memories about being under Cupid's arrows.
Yep, on that song Liam has been helped... but the second is all Liam's effort, and that is astonishing.
The lyrics have some genius hooks, something only kids could dare to write: not in the sense they speak like only half man
could... contrariwise: they have the fresh intuitions and bold sincerity just kids can feel entitled to mantain while
expressing themselves.
Liam is that kind of person that follows only his own heart.
No compromises, no fake helps from diplomatic sides (he's got none of them). just a big heart blossoming words around.
And after listening to what he says, after paying attention on how he says that... I can't believe you won't feel a bit
I believe every woman would love to have a tiger purring at her side, unable to bite, cos fallen in total attraction and love.
I would just appreciate people trying to judge this record for what is expected to be.
Not trying to find in there influences from the 2000, but also, honest enough to not willing to find in it forced
references to past heroes.
In this record there is Oasis's walk from 92 to today's schedule.
And I say it once more: it's a worthy reflection on this road they've walked, it's something that please ears and that
could be well remembered.
It's a very good record.
I am proud of what they've done this time.
I'd write a defined judgement on all songs but it's not really my thing when it comes to Oasis.
I can do that with Coldplay (I will, soon, as next review's gonna be for "X&Y") but it would just sound not fitting

You can believe or not believe this truth I found: they're not dead, they're alive and kicking, and from what concerns me,
after listening to this record, they can truly bless all my approaching 30's if they will only keep being as faithful to
their talent and beautiful souls as they sounds like in this record.
Artists describe the world of humans when they focuse on themselves. They are doing it humbly (well..."humbly" is not really
a word that Oasis would approve) but sincerly here. There's everyone's life, or at least the possibility of clickin with
anyone's life into Oasis's tunes.
That made them great in the first place: and it's happening unexpectedly again.
Trends come and go: but reality always surface in the end. Their reality is far from being dead, whatever crowds out
will claim or dismantle, what comforts me is that they're happy to sound together.
Camon, camon... storms are gone, and sun's setting upon over :)
again, again, again.
Thanx guys, catch you sometime soon in some fields out there.
Meli, aka gallimel.
Oasis's Don't Believe The Truth
(Helter Skelter, 2005)


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