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Oasis Live in Milan (30 Oct 2005)
The Pink Floyd Experience: A Meli's Essay (Sept. 2005)
Coldplay's X&Y review (June 2005)
Oasis's "Don't Believe The Truth" (May2005)
Sahara Hotnights Kiss And Tell (July 2004)
Travis 12 Memories and Live gig (By Henry) (Nov 2003)
Bruce Springsteen Live Experience (Sept 2003)
Siamese Dream (April 2003)
Zwan...Honestly great (Feb. 2003)
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives (Jan 2003)
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Meli (and Micke) welcome you all in this new edition of the magazine!
Watch out for all updates, and keep loving music!

me in my house
yes.. this is meli, aka gallimel ;)

This new Magazine is nothing but the prosecution of the previous edition.
We needed a more simple way to add new articles, so that's why we have decided to create a new page for it.
The purpose still the same: to talk about music with open mind and full passion.
Your editor,gallimel

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We are open to everyone's contribution here. So, if you like some of what you've written published, don't be shy and contact us!
Link in Contact Me page.

Music is today easiest way to get in touch with art.
We don't think often we are a privileged generation:
we have grown at musical easing, and we have millions of chances to
get inspired by melodies and harmonies.
It has not always been so.
Music is a soul language, and can make people feel and think.
This online magazine show only limited
reviews and tips, but get in touch with the author, about all that you like:
my music taste is wide, and I love to get inspired by others' vibes too.
Love life, and I reckon that to love life through music is always a great plus.
With love, Meli, aka gallimel.

A world without music is a world belongin to hate. Keep this in mind, and spread your love.

all in these pages is under copyright of the writers.
All opinions are personal, and speech of freedom protect us.
Just rememeber, after all music is love.
Buy REAL records and don't steal artists from their right and fair income!
To steal music will soon or later kill music.
Just think about it.